A mobile service operator wished to enable its customers a mobile payment platform. However, introducing a completely new platform would be demanding in the aspect of inclusion of merchants, who would accept this mode of payment. That is why they have decided to include an already existing mobile payments solution offered by another mobile service operator and several banks. Such a solution would have to be seamlessly integrated into the mobile operator’s systems.


Bintegra developed an integration solution, which enabled the mobile operator to offer the popular and widely accepted mobile payment system to it’s customers. Using a combination of TIBCO BusinessWorks and Business Events for achieving maximum responsiveness of the solution in enabled customers through different channels: voice (call) payments, USSD or SMS based payments, with or without the usage of security features such as PIN code.

Along with the implementation of the payment processes, Bintegra also developed a wide range of support processes: integration of the charging with the mobile operator’s billing system through CDR file generation, implementation of payment barring for different segments and monthly payment limits and integration of the service in the self-care portals to enable the customers to manage their own payment settings.


The mobile operator managed to introduce an already popular payment system to its customers, enabling them to enjoy the freedom and advantages of mobile payments. The integration also enabled the mobile service operator to increase its revenue and customer satisfaction with a relatively low investment.