A mobile service provider decided to expand its offer by acquiring an ISP, which had a considerable market share.  The merged company wanted to use the synergy effect to provide their customers with new convergent services. However, the companies used different business models, as well as completely different software.


With an established SOA environment using TIBCO BusinessWorks, we were able to assist the company into building new convergent services (internet + landline + mobile + TV), which were built on top of already existing services and software products, while retaining most of the already existing business models and software.  The flexibility of the TIBCO BusinessWorks adapters enabled us to position it as a hub which offered the services of both companies, as well as enabling complex scenarios needed for the convergent offering.  


The merged company managed to introduce and start marketing convergent services quickly and affordably, without the need for massive retraining or re introducing new software platforms. The introduction of the new convergent offering led to increase of sales and increase of customer satisfaction. At the same time, the introduction of the new offering did not have a significant increase of the operational costs.