Dear customers, partners and friends,

We are excited to share the news that Bintegra has been acquired by Solvera Lynx d.d., a provider of custom-made energy management solutions.

By combining the company’s resources and expertise from both companies, we will get a continued opportunity to exceed customers’ expectations, expand our portfolio and also being part of the Solvera Lynx Group will give us access to a more robust financial and operating infrastructure. This will help us support better our customer needs and we also also think this will bring new opportunities to grow for our employees and the team at Bintegra.

We would like to thank you for your trust in Bintegra all these years, and we are convinced that we will successfully continue our work on new challenging projects with you!

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Please see more info in the press release attached here (Press release: Solvera Lynx acquires Bintegra).

Chrystian Barragán,
Dušan Rauter,
Co-founder and Managing Director

About Solvera Lynx d.d.

Solvera Lynx is a provider of custom-made energy management solutions. The company incorporates all three pillars of modern energy management practices: energy monitoring, energy efficiency and energy flexibility based on state of the art products (software & hardware) developed in-house.

About Bintegra d.o.o.

Bintegra is developing high-end software solutions for the telecommunication, energy and other industries. It specializes in designing and implementing digital solutions, integration, and automation of the processes in the areas of CRM, Self-care Portals, Mobile & Digital Marketing and Social Media. Bintegra, founded in 2010 has been developing solutions and delivering services for leading European companies in different sectors including A1 Slovenia, Telekom, Austria Group, Telekom Slovenije, Telemach – United Group, Adria Airways, Petrol, the Slovenian Agency for Energy, Research Institut Milan Vidmar and many others.